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The Nativity Musical 2019

The Nativity Musical 2019
On Dec 14th & 15th, 2019, The Church on The Queensway is proud to present the theatrical production The Nativity Musical. This spectacular Christmas musical is a fast-paced, comedic rendition of the classic Christmas story that is sure to please and delight audiences of all ages!
The Nativity Musical is filled with modern and energetic arrangements of familiar Christmas Carols, which tell the story of Christ’s birth in an original and highly entertaining way. This year’s production features an incredible cast of over sixty actors, singers, and dancers; dazzling lights; sensational scenery and special effects; and a live orchestra that will take your breath away!
“The Nativity Musical will be a night to remember for all ages!” – Arthur Wachnik, Director.

Order tickets by phone 226-213-4811
Fee of $4.00 per order charge apply.

Are Children free? – 3 and under are free as long as they don’t take up a seat. They would have to sit on their parents lap. Children 4 years and up have to buy a ticket.
Do we offer Nursery? – only for kids 3 and under
Is the play for kids? What age? – It is a family play. | 416.255.0141 | 1536 The Queensway • Toronto ON • M8Z 1T5
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